Jun. 14th, 2017

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 Hello all!

So my grades are in... I got all As for this past semester! That scientific paper I procrastinated on till the last day? I got an 80%! I was utterly shocked, because my goal was to get 30/100 points. That was all I needed to get an A, so I was only trying for 30%. I guess even my standards on failing are high.

Creative Writing was a really cool class. I'm happy to say I got an A in it! When I put in the effort, it shows. A big chunk of my grade was my short story, and I put many hours into it, brainstorming, plotting, re-drafting, re-writing. Lots of editing happened! And I got full marks and my professor loved it! After "no perpendicular or crepuscular stuff, please"! Ha!

New going-ons...

Our car is in the shop! We are sinking over $2000 into it... when we only spent $2000 in the first place! But we plan on keeping this car for a long while. The only concern is the transmission that slips sometimes, but we are hoping some of the repairs will help it. I'm pretty excited to hopefully have a car that feels like it's running new, and to have no worries about anything failing on us! As of Saturday, I stopped driving the car and had been walking or Ubering around. Uber is expensive, and if my car was newer, I'd consider driving for them, after talking to my drivers and learning how much they make. The mechanic tells me the car should be out by Friday.... or Monday. Fingers crossed for Friday!

We've also spent a lot of money on GenCon 50! We're going to Indiana this August for almost a week! We already booked the hotel through Marriott (with our new Marriott credit card...) and got our plane tickets. Things we are still looking into: luggage (from Costco! Started checking this out last night, but need to follow-up with Luka), what events we want to attend while there...

Sometimes I'm a fickle fuck. I don't know why, but very often, I don't like to eat foods that I can't eat without utensils. That's how I feel right now. Luka got me In & Out, but I feel kinda grossed out by it because I have to touch it. Ugh. Why does it make me feel yucky? I'm definitely not a clean freak. I'm even holding the burger by the wrapper, but the wrapper is like... wet and cold. Ew.


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