Apr. 17th, 2017


Apr. 17th, 2017 01:32 am
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So, I'm high right now. I logged onto the computer and then onto my Dreamwidth account because I'm stoned and having lots of thoughts. These two parallel each other:

My boss asks me, "Do you really type at 80-90 wpm?" I turn around in my swivel office chair and tell him yeah. Or, at least I did. "I used to go on the Internet a lot back in the day. You know, middle school. So...  I'm probably not as quick; I prefer handwriting things more these days." (But really, my accuracy with typing has gone down quite a bit. It's probably just laziness, to be honest. I didn't really bat an eyelash when he asked me to confirm my wpm (I just switched over to Google really fast and found a typing test... 80 wpm, 4 errors, with an adjusted speed of 76. I am just not as accurate. A little more hesitant.)

Anyway, it did feel a little odd, my boss going through my folder at work. Mostly because he never does, ever, I don't think. But also because he was just browsing... He seemed worried, and that was his round-about-way of asking if I was looking for another job. He had seen my old resume that was uploaded to my file since applying for Senior Management in 2013. He mentioned he did notice it was last updated in 2013 so figured it might have been as much. But dude seemed worried. There's another guy who will be quitting this December, so then we'd have to promote two. (My boss had been on about getting two new SAMs in anyway, related?)

I'm reading the new announcement that was waiting for me in my Inbox when I logged in. It was from Denise, of Dreamwidth, welcoming aboard LJ users jumping ship - for real - this time. (It will always be a fond memory... I am debating (as of right this instant) whether I want my old entries to come with me or sink into the murky realms of my mind.) Denise also posted a history of Dreamwidth. (Side note: Having this moving, breathing, evolving platform as a baby of your own sounds absolutely exhilarating! And also tiring.) A portion of the history included their trouble finding a payment processor that wasn't imposing and Dreamwidth doing all they could to remain as open as possible when it comes to content.

Then, the communiqué transitioned into what content is acceptable. Expressed was following the norm, I think. But Denise or Mark, I suppose, have to set that standard. (And also, I feel like there are two Norms now, which is scary. Not My Norm.) From their examples given, I trust they're doing a great job. But are they also reading this right now?

Back in LiveJournal land, I typically wrote to myself, for myself. I remember being ten, and doing a silly, racy quiz. Something about slutty Barbies, I don't know. But my mom's ex-husband was pissed that I posted something about him (...in the same entry as Barbie quiz? Can't recall, maybe it was just because I was posting about him period.) was like, "Don't worry, dude, none of your friends are checking out my LJ." But, thinking back, this might have been when my journal became Friends Only? I'm not sure! Anyway, he was paranoid when it came to the government. Am I too? Or am I blissfully ignorant? What is the in between? I suppose acquiring sufficient knowledge on the topic of concern helps.

I feel a very false sense of security. That's the bubble I'm in right now.

I read up on the San Quentin Six tonight, after getting too high and needing to lie down. I've never witnessed anything like that in my generation. And this was where I originally was going to start my post! Isn't it fun where reading takes you?

Have to go pick up Luka now!


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